Walnut Wood Carving

Kashmir Walnut Wood Carving is among the world famous crafts. Different types of furniture and gift items are made out of walnut wood which is the most common type of wood used to make carved furniture in Kashmir. These items include Boxes, Tables, Dining Tables, Chairs, Writing Desks, Escritoires, Sideboards, Beds, Chests, Screens, Coffee Tables, Carved Panels and various other items. All items are Hand Made right from fabrication, carving and final finish. Carving is done by hand using chisels and special broad headed hammers. The quality of Kashmir's walnut wood is well reputed and is used for making furniture and other carved items. The wood from the root is dark and having more grains while as the wood from the trunk is light in color and has less noticeable grains. The wood from the root is expensive than from the branches. Carvings done on the wood are also of different types (semi carved, deep carving, cut work or through work). Deep carving is most expensive as it requires more skilled craftsmen and is more time consuming. Final finish is given using wax polish which protects the natural sheen of the grains of walnut wood.
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