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Kashmir Hand Embroidered Woolen Shawl


Hand Emroidered multicolour woolen shawl. Papier Mache Embroidery is done by hand using needlepoint. This type of embroidery is the most tough to acheive and is very rare now. It is called papier mace because it resembles the papier mache design and all surface of fabric is covered by embroidery by continuous overlapping embroidery done by needle giving a painting type effect like papier mache.


Condition: New

Backgound: 100% Wool

Embroidery: Hand Embroidered (Papier Mache Embroidery, Needlepoint)

Measurements (Approximate)

Width:  34 inches

Length: 78 inches


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Hand Embroidered Papier Mache Kashmir Wool Stole Shawl Wrap Black 34" x 78"

SKU: SH-W-PM-0001
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